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Channel One TV
Channel One TV
Maa:  Iran
Kategoria: Yleiset
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شبكه تلويزيوني كانال يك به مديريت شهرام همايون، از قدیمی ترین کانال های تلویزیون های فارسی زبان خارج از ایران است که برنامه های متنوعی در زمینه های سياسي، فرهنگي، هنري و اجتماعي، برای مخاطبین فارسی زبان در سراسر جهان تولید و پخش می کند.
BBC Persian TV  Iran - Yleiset
BBC's multimedia news and information service for Persian-speakers in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and around the globe.

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Farsi1  Iran - Paikallinen TV
FARSI1 was launched on 1st August 2009. It is the first channel to offer quality, compelling entertainment programs dubbed in the Farsi language.

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MTC Melli TV  Iran - Yleiset
MTC is an independent Persian Television station broadcasting its programming all over the world bringing you entertainment from allaround the world.

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PMC TV  Iran - Musiikki
PMC is #1 destination for Persian music videos, live performances and interviews with today’s hottest celebrities. PMC is entertaining its viewers

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IRIB Shoma TV  Iran - Yleiset
IRIB Shoma was a national ethnicity culture TV channel in Iran which was launched in July 30, 2011 and was the second Iranian television channel to

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Alhekmah TV  Iran - Yleiset
Local Television

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